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Sprits Mold Release Lineup



Since 1961, Sprits has been providing high quality, economical mold releases and molding sprays to a wide variety of industries. Our mold releases have many uses, such as plastic injection molding, investment casting, lost wax casting, foam molding, rubber molding, plastic lubrication and plastic machining to name a few. In addition to being used as a mold release, Sprits silicone spray mold release can be applied as a silicone lubricant for all metal to elastomeric surfaces.

Product types include silicone release agents as well as non-silicone, paintable releases. We also have mold cleaners and mold maintenance products. Available in convenient, easy to use aerosol cans, economical aerosol bulk (in 50-pound cylinders) and in non-aerosol bulk, either diluted and ready to use, or undiluted. Bulk products are packaged in one-gallon containers, five-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.


Our aerosol products are in stock for prompt shipment and they are available in two product lines named EA and GF. Our EA  products are Environmentally Acceptable, in that they contain no CFC's of HCFC's (Class I or Class II Ozone Depleting Substances) with the added benefit of containing state-of-the art non-flammable propellants and solvents. Our GF (Gentle Formula) products were uniquely designed to be solventless, to address customers' concerns when molding with solvent-sensitive plastics and natural rubbers. In addition to being solventless, GF products are virtually odorless. Like the EA products, they are also non-flammable by aerosol standards. Silicone spray and paintable silicone spray types are available in both the EA and GF product lines.

All of our products are environmentally responsible and comply with the latest EPA Clean Air Act regulations, as they contain no
Class I or Class II Ozone Depleting Substances. As always, Sprits' goal is to balance worker safety with environmental compliance.

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